Tamil Nadu Travel Mart Society conduct Travel & Tourism Marts and Road Show to promote all the people engaged in activities connected with travel & Tourism in the state of Tamilnadu. As a society, we help our members in showcasing their products in India and abroad. Our prestigious TAMILNADU TRAVEL MART will be conducted once in two years in the promotion of tourism in Tamilnadu we organize study tours to foreign travel agents, tourism promotion agencies and travel writers to the State of Tamil Nadu with the objective of disseminating the information on tourism potential in the state.

By disseminating statistical information in tourism within India and abroad to educate the members of the Society about the potential of tourism in the State of Tamil Nadu and to develop strategies in achieving such potential. To collect and disseminate statistical information on the arrival of tourists in the State of Tamil Nadu, their places of origin, spending habits, places visited, food, culture, etc.

We undertake tourism promotion efforts in India and abroad by conducting seminars, workshops, exhibitions, study classes, tours, publishing books, magazines, periodicals, travel guides, information brochures and advertisements.

We promote tourism studies, and to identify opportunities and threats and disseminate such information to the members of the society and Training programs for the staff and to the members and students of various organizations related to the travel and tourism industry.

In order to give information on the activity's done by the society to the general public, travel and tourism trade in particular. we encourage promoting celebrations of national, cultural, social and such other festivals conducive to the objects of tourism promotion. We also coordinate & represent the problems and issues concerning tourism trade to appropriate authorities in the Government or other agencies and obtain redressal of such grievances.

Who can be a   member
Classes of Members:

There shall be three classes of members in the Society, viz.,

  • Active members
  • Affiliate /Associate members firm & Institutional
  • Honorary members
Active Members:

Any firm, establishment or company relating to the Promotion of Tourism, having an established place of business in Tamil Nadu and is one of the following shall be eligible for membership as an Active Member of the Society with a voting rights. Members shall be those firms, establishments or companies who are admitted and registered as members in accordance with these Rules.
(1) Tour Operator with Service Tax or GST Registered with a minimum of one year operation.
(2) Hotels or Restaurants with a minimum of one year operation and service tax or GST Registered with SIRA/FHRAI membership.
(3) Hospitals promoting for Medical Tourism with Service Tax/GST registration and minimum of 10 beds hospital.

Affiliate Members/INSTITUTIONAL:

Any firm or company not falling under any of the categories mentioned in Active Members who is regularly engaged or associated with tourism related activities and has an established place of business in Tamil Nadu, includes:

A Travel Agent accredited by IATA and Service Tax /GST Registration with a minimum of one year operation with a membership of TAAI, TAFI,IAAI,IATO,ATOAI, Airport Authority of India (IAAI/AAI ), An airline, international or domestic, and Yoga, wellness centres

The affiliate member shall have a right to participate but shall have no right to vote in the meetings of the Society.

Institutional Members of the Society shall be those firms, institutions and companies who are admitted and registered as members in accordance with these Rules. An Institutional member shall by notice in writing registered with the Society nominate one of its Officers to represent the institution in the Society. The Institutional Members shall have a right to participate but shall have no right to vote in the meetings of the Society.

Honorary Members:

Managing Committee may at its discretion admit any person whom it considers to be a prominent and renowned person as an Honorary Member of the Society.

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